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Schedule of Events
May be subject to changes due to weather or unforeseen events; Check the website and registration table for updates.

Thursday, August 5
Unlimited 3-D Ranges, Sunrise - Sunset 
Practice Range4-HGrounds, Sunrise-Sunset 
Registration, by Main Picnic Shelter, 8 am - 4 pm
Kid’s Target Contest dropoff, Registration, 8am - 4pm
Merchandise and Vendors, Picnic Shelter, TBA
Kid’s Fun Night, Picnic Shelter, 8pm

Friday, August 6
Unlimited 3-D Ranges, Sunrise - Sunset 
PracticeRange, 4-H Grounds, Sunrise-Sunset 
Registration, by Main Picnic Shelter, 8 am - 4 pm 
Kid’s Target Contest dropoff, Registration, 8am-4pm 
Road Race, meet at Registration by 7:45, 8am 
Hwy Clean-up, meet at the forest sign on Hwy2, 
Merchandise and Vendors, Picnic Shelter, TBA
Meat Swing, 4-H Grounds, 3pm 
Balloon Shoot, 4-H Grounds, 4pm
Distance Shoot, 4-HGrounds, 4pm
Silhouette Shoot, Barnes Property (North of 4H Grounds), 4 pm

Saturday, August 7
Halsey VFD Benefit Breakfast, 6:30-10am
Unlimited 3-D Ranges, Sunrise - Sunset
Kid’sRange, Sunrise-Sunset
Practice Range, 4-H Grounds, Sunrise-Sunset
Registration, by Main Picnic Shelter, 8am-12pm
Merchandise and Vendors, Picnic Shelter, TBA
Robin Hood Run, 4H Range, 9am
Kid’s Activities, Picnic Shelter, 10am
Aerial Shoot, Barnes Property, 10am-12:30pm
White Buffalo Hunt, Barnes Property, 10 am - 12:30 pm
Shed Antler Contest, 4-H Lodge, 11am-Noon
Statewide Meeting, 4HLodge, 1pm
Awards BBQ, Picnic Shelter, 6pm
NBA Church Service, Picnic Shelter, After BBQ

Sunday, August 8
Unlimited 3-D Ranges, Sunrise-9am 
3-D Target Pick-up, 9am

2021 NBA Summer Jamboree

August 5-8, 2021 - Nebraska National Forest, Halsey

This is a member's only event, please JOIN THE NBA online now or when you get to the Jamboree. 

Jamboree Pre-Registration

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Kid's Activities

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Questions or to Volunteer: Eric 308-627-2784 or Nate at 308-660-5437

Absolutely NO BROADHEADS or CROSSBOWS allowed at the Jamboree

About us

In 1984, the idea of an organization that would bring bowhunters together with a common goal to preserve and protect bowhunting was formed and the Nebraska Bowhunters Association (NBA) was born. Now, the NBA is one of Nebraska's premier hunting organizations, with a growing membership, family friendly events, and a firm passion to continue to preserve and promote bowhunting in Nebraska. 

Become a member

Although bowhunting is often a private, quiet affair, members of the NBA benefit greatly from organizing together. Besides the political clout and united front against those opposed to hunting, the camaraderie is perhaps the best bargain for the money. NBA members meet across the state throughout the year at our Banquet in March and Jamboree in August. We would love to have you join us! 

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