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Kid's Activities

Bring the kids to the Jamboree!

Kid’s Target Contest:
Construct a target to bring to the Jamboree and be placed in the kids’ range and voted on by the kids with a prize for the favorite.

Kid’s Range:
A range just for kids made up of the home- made targets plus a few other fun 3Ds.

Kid’s Fun Night:
Games, treats, prizes, popcorn and maybe a movie under stars.

Kid’s Activities:
Crafts this year will include Tie Dye t-shirts and painted rocks.

This year we are expanding the fun for the kids. On Thursday night we will be doing a Kids Fun Night down at the main picnic shelter. Maybe Family Fun Night would be a better name, as we know the whole family will have a great time. We will have games, treats, prizes, popcorn, and if possible an outdoor movie. So please come early and join in the fun!

There are also Kid's Activities (age 12 and under) that will happen on Saturday morning down at the picnic shelter. A couple of our NBA members do a wonderful job of putting this on every year and always make it so fun for the kids to come create something and enjoy learning a craft!

Kids are welcome to shoot at any of the four ranges, but there are also two ranges set up just for them. My wife and I have had many fun adventures with our kids through the four extreme ranges, which usually end in piggyback rides and tired kids, but make great memories.

From sun up to sun down kids can shoot at the East kid’s range, located by the forest services group campsite. This range is a simple lineup of 3D targets where kids can choose their shooting dis- tance. Also, we offer the West kid’s range on Saturday located at the 4H grounds just west of the main camping area in the forest. This one is set up similar to the main ranges, with a walk through the trees to the next target, but is short enough for the kids. There are tons of fun targets to shoot at within a kid-friendly dis- tance no matter how young.

We also want to remind you about the kid's target competition. We encourage kids (with parent's help) to build a cool target and bring it to the Jamboree. Drop it off at the registration table. We will set your target up at the West kid's range and you will be entered into the kid's target competition at Saturday’s picnic.

We understand camping with kids can be difficult (trust us, we get it!) but it will be so worthwhile to bring them along. On top of all the fun activities they can partake in, one of the best things is letting them run and play in the national forest. My boys love spending their time catching toads or climbing trees. So please bring along the kiddos, they will thank you for it!

2021 NBA Summer Jamboree

August 5-8, 2021 - Nebraska National Forest, Halsey

This is a member's only event, please JOIN THE NBA online now or when you get to the Jamboree. 

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Questions or to Volunteer: Eric 308-627-2784 or Nate at 308-660-5437

Absolutely NO BROADHEADS or CROSSBOWS allowed at the Jamboree

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In 1984, the idea of an organization that would bring bowhunters together with a common goal to preserve and protect bowhunting was formed and the Nebraska Bowhunters Association (NBA) was born. Now, the NBA is one of Nebraska's premier hunting organizations, with a growing membership, family friendly events, and a firm passion to continue to preserve and promote bowhunting in Nebraska. 

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Although bowhunting is often a private, quiet affair, members of the NBA benefit greatly from organizing together. Besides the political clout and united front against those opposed to hunting, the camaraderie is perhaps the best bargain for the money. NBA members meet across the state throughout the year at our Banquet in March and Jamboree in August. We would love to have you join us! 

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