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New banquet venue was well received

By Rick Thaden of Pleasanton, NBA Banquet Chairman

As I sit here reflecting on our 2022 NBA Banquet weekend, I can’t help but smile a bit. The new venue seems to be well received and nearly everyone I have spoken with was happy with the move. There were some growing pains and things that I missed this year and for that, I apologize. I have already been working on getting these things fixed and getting a few changes implemented for next year. I cannot thank the staff of the Younes Center enough. They are a pleasure to work with and were in constant contact with me leading up to our weekend and immediately after for what we need to do differently next year. 

Our guest speaker Tom Nelson did a great job the entire weekend. He was friendly and approachable to anyone and everyone. I enjoyed his seminars and presentations. He is someone that has been successful for a very long time, in a very competitive field, which is a testament to him “Doing things right.” He was very complementary to the NBA and our event and said he especially enjoyed working with the kids for their seminar. He also asked me to Thank All of Us for having him attend and feel so welcome. He is a great ambassador for bowhunting and really just a great guy!

As always, I want to thank each and every person that helped out in any way. The trophy wall went up and back down in record time. Matt and Harlin did a great job of checking in trophies and hanging them on the wall. There were a lot of quality animals on the wall and it is always a highlight of the weekend to admire the big deer Shawn and Heidi Church always shoot!  

I would like to thank Rick, and mostly Jayne, for taking care of the banquet ticket orders, the seating chart, and all the other things that most of us don’t even know she takes care of. Thank you to Steve Woitaszewski for presenting the first time and big game awards. Thank you Rex for getting all of the merchandise and organizing the auctions. Thanks to everyone that helped out at registration, sold tickets, organized the contests, or spoke at a seminar. Thank you, Amber, Eric, Zach, and Kyle for taking care of the success slide show. Thank you Adam and Kelley for making sure the kids seminar was a success. Thank you Heather for helping with everything!  It never ceases to amaze me the willingness of the members to step up and help wherever they can. I have been involved in several different events and have never seen such an abundance of people willing to help out. Last, but not least, I want to thank everyone that attended the banquet. I think there are very few organizations that have a better turnout of members than the NBA and we can all be proud of that. 

I would like to congratulate all of the recipients of first-time harvest and trophy awards. Congratulations to Dave Micheels for the special recognition of contributing an article for EVERY newsletter since 1899. ☺ 

A BIG congratulations goes out to Dan Hejl, our newest NBA Bowhunter of the Year. Well deserved and a touching presentation when Addie helped Roger out!

Finally, I would like to ask for any suggestions, comments (good or bad), or just thoughts on the banquet at the new venue. I always want to be open and willing to make our banquet the best that it can be. Good luck turkey hunting and we will hopefully see you all in Kearney again next year.   

Ladies Seminar - Extra Photos

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