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Info needed for big game awards

The current archery season is almost over, and to those successful in harvesting a Nebraska animal that met or surpassed the NBA minimum score, congratulations! Also, to all other bowhunters, I hope your season was as rewarding as mine. Even though I didn't connect on any monsters, my freezer is set for the winter and I had fun hunting and being out in the woods.

And if 2019 was the year you tagged your very first big game animal with a bow, a big congrats! May this be the start of a long bowhunting adventures. 

To those that met and surpassed the NBA minimum score and to all the new successful bowhunters, I need your score information, pictures and stories as soon as possible. 

The minimum scores are listed in back of the newsletter and by CLICKING HERE

The NBA follows Pope & Young Club scoring rules for measuring. If by chance you harvest your trophy late in the year and the 60-day drying period is going to be hard to meet, give me a call and we'll work something out.

You do not need to be a NBA member to receive a certificate and have your trophy listed in the NBA record book, but being a NBA member is highly encouraged. The NBA also recognizes the largest big game in each category taken by an NBA member with a Big Game Award plaque and traveling trophy each year. For this awrd you have to be a member at the time of kill. 

This year I would like all score forms to me the earlier the better but no later than February 16, 2020, so I have time to get the awards printed.

The NBA also recognizes those who tag an out of state P&Y animal. All I need is a copy of the score form signed by an official measurer. You can mail it to me or send by email. 

For those first time successful bowhunters, what I need is a success picture and a very brief story of your hunt. Make sure you include when, where and with whom in the story. Young or old, male or female, all bowhunters reaching this milestone need to be recognized. You can also send this information by mail or email. Email is preferred as the information and pictures are easier to work with. if you know someone that reached this milestone, make sure they get it turned in or send it in for them. This is a first time ever bowhunting success, not a first deer, and a first turkey, etc. award. 

Don't forget to send all pictures in separately for the success slideshow! 

Any questions please give me a call or email me. Steve Woitaszewski 528 Keating, Lincoln 68521 402-450-3427; swoit@allophone.com 

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