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Info needed for big game awards

I hope everyone had a great hunting season, full of memories to last a lifetime. It is now time to get me your information if you took an animal that meets the NBA minimum score for that species, or if you were one that got your first-ever big game animal with a bow this season.

The first-time award is recognition for your first bow kill of a big game animal, not a first deer, turkey, etc. award. If you shot that first animal, I need your information. Just a short story of the hunt or hunts leading up to that first kill along with your name, age (optional), address, phone, where the animal was killed and a picture or you and your first trophy plus any other good stuff about the hunt.

I prefer to have the information and pictures emailed but hard copies will work. If you have any questions on the first-time award program, please call or email.

You don’t have to be a NBA member to receive a NBA big game award, so if you know someone that took a nice animal and is not a member, have them or you send me the needed information and use this event to register them as a new member.

The NBA’s minimum scores are listed in back of the newsletter and by CLICKING HERE.  All trophies are scored following P&Y scoring rules. The NBA largest big game award for each category is an award that only NBA members can win, and you have to be an NBA member at the time of kill.

I need all information to me by Feb. 15. If you can’t make this deadline, contact me and we’ll work something out.

Again any questions please call or email me.

Steve Woitaszewski 528 Keating, Lincoln 68521 402-450-3427; swoit@allophone.com 

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