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2019 Seminar Options for NBA Convention Attendees

The 2019 seminar schedule for the NBA convention follows pretty much the same format as we have followed for many years. But we do have one new twist and of course some new topics and fresh speakers planned for your enjoyment.

To kick off the Saturday morning schedule you will have an opportunity to hear stories from two of our favorite Nebraska Bowhunters—Dick Mauch and Dick Turpin. This will be more informal than some seminars, with the two Dicks sharing a few stories from the past and answering questions from the crowd. Don’t miss a chance to hear from two Nebraska bowhunting legends.

Next up will be the annual Wildlife Report from our NBA Wildlife Representatives. Western Wildlife Rep Trent Tobiason has been helped by Eastern Rep Mike Lutt to communicate with Game and Parks wildlife officials on game animal population trends and regulations impacting bowhunters in Nebraska. Trent will share this information along with interesting tid-bits relating to our favorite activity.

Following the wildlife update, our special guest Barry Wensel will share his special brand of whitetail wisdom. Barry is considered by many to be one of the greatest whitetail bowhunters of all time. I am sure you will learn something from Barry, but he is also known for his sense of humor. It is always fun to laugh while you learn.

The afternoon session will begin with “Nebraska’s Biggest Bucks and Bulls”. Joel Helmer from Seward is publishing a book with this title and he will share some of the stories and pictures that he has gathered in his research. Following them will be the Kids Seminar hosted by Rich and Amy Walters. This is always a treat for our young bowhunters and I know a few “big kids” usually sneak in the back of the room (and that is OK!).

Wrapping up the seminars, Tom Naumann will “talk turkey” and share knowledge on turkey hunting that will make you more successful. Tom has killed more turkeys than most over the years so he knows what he is talking about.

Plan to attend any or all of the seminars to learn and be entertained by this outstanding line up of speakers.

Saturday Seminar Schedule

9:15-9:45am A Chat with Nebraska Bowhunting Legends Dick Mauch and Dick Turpin

10-10:50 am Big Game Up-Date Trent Tobiason

11-11:50 am Proven Whitetail Hunting Secrets Barry Wensel

1-1:50 pm Nebraska’s Biggest Bucks and Bulls Joel Helmer

2-2:50 pm Kids Seminar Rich and Amy Walters

3-3:50 pm Talk’in Turkey with Tom Tom Naumann

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