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Ramblin’ Redneck Barry Wensel to highlight 2019 NBA Banquet

The Nebraska Bowhunters Association is proud to host Barry Wensel as our guest speaker for the 2019 banquet.

Barry is half of the famous Wensel brother duo that is best known for their whitetail bowhunting knowledge and redneck humor. Barry claims to be the good looking one of the two, but since he and his brother Gene are pretty much identical twins, you can make your own conclusion. A well-known pair in the bowhunting world, their careers are so intertwined that it is hard to write about one brother without mentioning the other.

Barry (and Gene) was born on the first day of the Pennsylvania bow season in 1944. It must have been a sign, as bowhunting became his life’s passion. Bows and arrows have always been a part of his life. His professional life as a chiropractor found him in the Flathead Valley of Montana for almost 30 years. While living in Montana, he bowhunted for all kinds of big game and fly fished for trout. He loved them all, but whitetail deer were always number one in his mind.

From 1990 to 1996, the Wensels guided almost 200 fellow bowhunters to Pope and Young class whitetail bucks. These were all free range, fair chase hunts and their guiding success rate of 96 percent over those seven years is a testament to their knowledge of bowhunting for whitetails. Barry has personally killed whitetail bucks all across the US, with most of those deer being big old bucks. Barry enjoys the challenge of targeting smart, old bucks. His regular success on those deer is proof of his bowhunting knowledge.

For many years Barry shared his bowhunting techniques through his 3 day ‘Boot Camps.’ He would host a group of bowhunters and condense decades of experience to help them become better hunters. One day in the classroom led to two days of on-the-ground instruction. Attendees raved about the boot camps and how they improved their success. Maybe Barry will share some of those tips with us this year at the NBA convention? I am sure you can count on that!

Today we seem to be overwhelmed with video productions but us oldtimers remember back in the 1980s when Bowhunting October Whitetails was a new and exciting bowhunting video. This video featured the Wensels and friends as they had fun and shared knowledge about bowhunting for deer. The video included a number of actual harvests, which was relatively rare at the time.

Barry became recognized as ‘the guy in the crooked hat’ from some of these early videos. He is still involved with video productions, but the present videos are less about the kill and more about the ethics of the hunt and our responsibilities as hunters. The messages are supported by high quality wildlife videography and will make you think about how you hunt and your role in nature.

In 1999, Barry (and Gene) moved from Montana to Iowa for one reason: better whitetail deer hunting. A lot of people think about and talk about living their dream, but only those with enough passion actually make it happen. Barry Wensel is one of those people and his passion is bowhunting for whitetail deer. And while bowhunting is serious business for Barry, he also believes strongly that it should always be fun. So today he and his brother Gene continue to play with their bows and arrows, bringing laughter and respect to our bowhunting heritage. Make your plans now to attend the 2019 Nebraska Bowhunters convention in Kearney. Hope to see you there!

Note: At this time we know that Barry will be joining us for the convention, but it is possible we will have a special surprise visitor when March rolls around. Stay tuned. 

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